Buying Decision and Buying Process

Buying decision and buying process is a crucial aspect. Every customer is unique in his needs,& demands. Buying behavior also changes from customer to customer according to their age, gender, lifestyle, income level etc so the companies have to consider the needs of all customers before launching any new product in a market.

Definition Buying Process

” Set of procedures used to identify products for purchase, verify quality and compliance of products and vendors, carry out purchasing transactions, and verify that operations associated with purchasing have been executed appropriately. Different organizations have buying processes of varying complexity, depending on the industry in which they work and the nature of the products being purchased”.

Buying Process

Buying Process

1.Need Recognition

The process of buying normally starts with the recognition of a need by the consumer. He recognizes a need & develops a perception of the need than he seeks information for full filling his need

2. Awareness

The customer turns his world of information around which makes him aware of the existence of the product that would solve his problem.

3. Comprehensive

This comes out of his ability to reason with the information. The awareness & comprehension stages represent the information processing stage. These two stages constitute the cognitive field of the purchase process.

4. Attitude

It is the sum total of the individual’s faith & feeling to a product. As a result of awareness & comprehension, the consumer develops an attitude favorable or unfavorable towards the product. The purchase process will continue only if he develops a favorable attitude for the product.


The buyer must be convinced that the purchase of the product is the legitimate course of action. This stage often stands as a barrier between a favorable attitude towards the product & actual purchase. At this stage, he may seek further information regarding the product or attempt information already available.


Conviction leads the consumer to try the product on a small scale he may buy a sample. He tries to evaluate the product from his own experience

7. Adoption. 

A successful trial leads him to adopt the product. Trail & adoption stages constitute the behavioral field in the buying process

8.Post Purchase Behaviour.

The purchase leads to specific post-purchase behavior. Usually, it creates some restlessness in the mind of the individual he is not sure about the product or he may feel another brand would have been better. As this dissonance by himself, he will seek all means to recover his conviction & choice.


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