“Communication itself is a very broad concept of it owns. If we focus on communication in simple term it’s just receiving and sending messages using a medium. But when we focus on managerial communication it is a  challenging aspect within itself. Today each and every organization is facing a cut-throat competition and the basic requirement of the organization from their employees is they should be having a  good grab on their communication skills. communication is a crucial attribute to exchange the views, opinion,     attributes within persons, Groups & organization

                      “The Art of Communication is Language of Leadership”

Communication is basically divided into three main criteria Written, Oral, Audio-visual. Communication requires sender a strong medium and completes with a receiver


  • Definition

“Communication is a channel by which people can share their messages, emotions.        feeling, values etc With each other ”

  • Importance of Communication

Communication is a very important aspect in every organization because each task is
been direct or indirectly dependent on each other following are certain points related
with importance.

Importance of Communication

1. Sharing of information

Information consists of different kind of messages, letters, assignment, audio-visual which has to be shared with the different department in the organization to discuss important issues and to circulate different messages to the outsiders even.
For Eg– Sign of No Smoking, Mobiles Switch off are displayed in central part of an organization


It is a skill by which sender can make the receiver understand what exactly the information is about.
For Eg To sell any product effectively to the customer persuasive  communication skill is very important to a salesman

It plays a very crucial role in the organization which gives an encouragement to the employees to increase their work efficiency
For eg – Complimentary letters were given to employees for their performance.

4 Coordination
All activities are been coordinated inter-departmentally so smooth communication is very important.

5.Decision making

No doubt  decision  is always  taken  by top  management  but it  has  to be  taken by the involvement of middle-level management also so that the decision can be accepted by       employees & workers easily
 For eg. –Involvement of departmental heads during the top management meeting

6 Giving Orders
 An order is an autocratic kind of communication which flows from top to bottom which is     used as a tool to improve employees behavior
 For Eg– Giving a written memo to employees if they continuously misbehave in an organization

 7. Suggestion
It is a free kind of communication where there is no need for any expertise
For eg– Suggestion boxes in an organization.

8.Increase employees morale
Morale of employees can be increased by a continuous appreciation of their performances

for eg– Word of appreciation for achievement Monthly, quarterly, or yearly.





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