Confidence is a key to success. It’s that aspect which you cannot purchase from someone else but you have to develop it within yourself so it is truly said that.

Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong.” -Peter T. Mcintyre.


1. Stand up straight

Whether we always keep your back, shoulders straight. it proves the high level of self-confidence.

2. Keep your chin & head up

Wherever you might keep a habit to keep your chin high and your head up.Because if you lean your head down it reflects that you are not at all confident and prepared about the tasks which you are been assigned to you.

3.Maintain Eye contact

It not at all means that you stare at someone in a continuous manner but while talking you should always maintain a firm eye contact with the audience.

4.Smile on face

Can you tolerate any ones dull face?? NO??  so always keep a smile on face because it gives a feeling of confidence.

5.Develop a firm handshake

 A handshake is part of greeting whenever you meet someone for the first time. But the handshake should not be sturdy it should be firm

6. Don’t be nervous

 It’s obvious if we are suddenly been told to give a speech/lecture one might become nervous it’s our skill to tackle this situation and face the situation positively.

7. Keep hands out of pocket

 Many people have a habit of putting their hands in their pocket while talking to others it’s wrong and reflects arrogance so one should always try to get rid of this habit.

8. Take a big step

 Take purposeful steps, rather than short quick or hurried steps. A slower, deliberate step will definitely make you appear confident and successful in life.


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