In today’s world, one should have high efficiency to achieve growth & success without wasting time. These 10 Tricks will definitely help you to Boost Efficiency to do a task successfully.



1.Set A Goal Each Day

In the morning decide what you want to accomplish that day.This can be even more effective when planned a day before. Once you set a goal you get a  direction to spend all your time getting things done

2.Choose the Right Time

Everyone has times of the day when they are most effective & times when they tend to drag. So one has to schedule all the task at right time

3.Group Similar Task Together

Put a habit to do similar tasks together like sending the same context mail to group of peoples .messaging a particular text to all these will help you to save your time & energy and same you can put in use efficiently for some other task

4. Get the Bad Stuff Out Of The Way

The most exhausting tasks are doing unpleasant things.So it is better to finish such task first so as to focus properly on interesting tasks

5.Eliminate All Communication

While you re working turn off the cell phone, don’t check your emails. Hang a sign that says “Do not disturb” if necessary. You don’t have to do this for all your tasks, but at least do it during the more difficult items

6. Set Targets

Setting target means giving a proper direction to your own work.It means to arrange all tasks according to its priorities

7.Delegate Some Of Your Work

Is there anyone else who can help you? The people around you are resources if use their time & talent wisely to get things done more quickly.

8.Set A Timer

To save wastage of your valuable time set timer to the tasks.

9.Increase Your Speed

It sounds silly, but this can really help. Try doing everything a little faster

10.Set A Deadline

Having a specific endpoint will really help to focus your time and energy.If a task doesn’t feel necessary chances are that it won’t  get done

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