Introduction to Management

In the present scenario, Management has become one of the most important areas of human activity. As industrialization is increasing to manage this industry a new field has developed which is known as Management.

Before industrialization, the manufacturer uses to produce only goods & use to sell those goods. All the activities were managed by the owner himself. As technological innovation started new machinery was invented & these types of machinery were used in manufacturing the goods on a large scale. The first industrial revolution started in U.K in 19 century.

Karkhanas system came into picture these units only have an objective to produce goods on a large scale & supply on a large scale to the whole world. So studies were started on the karkhanas how the efficiency & productivity can be increased & finally larger output was achieved from many thinkers like economist, Sociologist, physiologist, anthropologists statistics, arts engineering contributed different views so as to improve the efficiency of the firm. So it becomes very difficult to define management from one angle, It is used in these three alternative i.e

a) Management is a discipline.

Discipline refers to the field of study having a well-defined concept of principles.  as a discipline, it has various relevant concept & principles. These principles, knowledge & concept can be applied to managing an organization.

For Eg Organization is a hierarchy of communication for a division of work

b) Management as a group of people.

Without a group of people, an organization cannot exist where one can refer to all the employee working as a group of people.

C) Management as Process

It is a complex process & ongoing activity towards the achievement of objective it includes the variety of function like planning, organization, Directing, Controlling. Again it includes process like getting things done through the efforts of others with a minimum investment of time, money, efforts, proper communication


  • By Harold Koontz Management

“It is the art of getting things done through  & with informally organized groups.”

  • By F.W Taylor

“Management is the art of knowing what you want to do and then seeing that it is done in the best and cheapest way”.

  • By Peter F. Drucker

“Management is an organ, & the organ can be described and defined only by their functions”.

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