Performance Management & Its Process

Performance management ensures that your employees not only fulfill their responsibilities but also do the best of their abilities and up to best of employers expectations. Employees are an integral & indispensable part of running your business .smoothly and efficiently.

Performance Management


The management of employees, department to ensure that goals and objectives are being reached efficiently and effectively. It involves defining what effective performance look like as developing tools and proceed necessarily to measure.


1. Targeted staff development can be achieved.

2. It gives encouragement to staff members.

3. Here it helps to understand underperformers and they are been trained further.

4. It useful in the maintaining documented history of employees tasks.

5. It helps employees personal growth.

6. Boosting employee morale in achieving superior performance standards.


  1. It involves employees in the planning stage.
  2. Monitoring the progress of your employees.
  3. Ensuring all-around development of employees.
  4. Evaluation of individual employees efficiency.
  5. Rewarding your employees.


1.Planning and Goal Setting 

Planning and Goal Setting.

It helps to identify the strength of the employees. This strength helps in planning for setting goals and directing employees to proceed towards achieving these goals.

2. Monitoring and feedback

Monitoring Feedback

Continuous monitoring of employee performance is a very essential parameter for employees if organization want to achieve its predetermined goal. If employees are not performing up to the expectation that they have to be corrected by giving accurate feedback.

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3.Developing performance

Developing Performance

To maintain a stable performance of employees their performances have to be developed in a continuous manner.

4.Performance Evaluation

It has to be evaluated because it helps to understand to the employer whether employees are going on the right track or there is any need of giving them the training to enhance their efficiency.

5.Rewarding performance

Reward plays a very important role in boosting employees morale so time to time evaluation and rewarding them is very essential to retain employee role for a longer time.

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