Planning a Crucial Element in Organisation

As we know planning, organizing, staffing, directing, controlling are the core functions of management out of this above function in the organization. Planning is crucial function irrespective of the size, products manufactured, the number of staff in an organization.


 Every organization has a set of objectives these are achieved through the proper planning process.  There is a difference between plan & planning. The plan is a commitment to a particular course of action.

 For example- Plan may be

  1. To achieve 20% growth in the financial year 2017-18
  2. Launching a new trader environmental friendly car up to 2020

This plan is just a promise to achieve an objective on other hand planning is an activity that involves the determination of the future course of action. The process determines

  • Why an action to be taken.
  • When to be taken
  • By whom to be taken
  • How to be taken

Thus this all questions are related to different thus planning process contributes to the success of organizational objective.


“  Planning may be defined as relating to facts & making the assumption regarding the future in    the visualization & formalization of proposed activities believe necessary to achieve the  desired result”

“ Planning is anticipating action influencing  & controlling the nature & direction of change in the environment so as to achieve desired objectives.

Thus it involves collecting facts, analyzing the environment, visualizing future changes by selecting appropriate alternative

Features of Planning


features of planning


 1. Planning is a continuous process

It determines the future course of action for eg. Launching of the new handset in Nokia is a continuous process technology, high skill labors, R&D department supports finance. After making these efforts they are successful in launching a new model in the handset

2. It is basically concerned in looking into future

This requires forecasting of the future situation & therefore forecasting of future should be correct.

3. Planning involves selection of a suitable course of action

There are several alternatives to achieve objectives but of out of these one has to select the best alternative to achieve objectives but of these one has to select the best alternative

4. Is undertaken at all levels of an organization.

The scope changes as per the labor. It takes places at various level

5. It is flexible in nature

As future conditions are changing so adjustment in planning is required for an eg  change in technology, change in rules & regulations of government, change in customer taste, competition etc

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