Scope of Marketing

Marketing is a huge field but still, when we try to go into the depth we understand the scope of marketing is very large. Following are scope for marketing which helps an organization to focus on their growth & profit

1.Product design

Product design is the four most important element in marketing the communication needs & problems of the consumer have to be considered before marketing a new product design.

2.  Implementation of product

Once the decision is finalized about the design of product more focus should be there on communication with production department regarding the implementation of product features.

3. Pricing Of Product

 Pricing is the most important aspect of the product because it only decides the major buying decision of the consumer. So if the product is very new to the market correct & affordable pricing should be done.

 4.  Selection Of Layout

The layout is the place where actually the product /services will be availed so more focus should be done on the exact location and layout.

 5. Publicity of the product

 Publicity means communication about the product and services for creating awareness     & demand for the product by publicity& Advertisement.

 6.  Distribution channel

Distribution channel means the number of intermediator like whole sellers,   Retailers,  distributors, Agent who all are involved in the marketing channel.

7.  Selling Of Product

Selling involves the actual challenge of marketing. Selling of product and services involves different strategies like distribution through stores, salesman, Advertisement,               Exhibitions, trade fairs etc.

8. Collecting the feedback

This begins after the product is marketed and sold collecting feedback regarding satisfaction or dissatisfaction related features like price, to make availability etc it is to make changes in the marketing mix.


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