Introduction to Human Resource Management.

Human Resource Management is concerned with people dimension in management since every organisation is made up of people acquiring their services developing their skills motivating them to achieve a higher level of performance & ensuring that they continue their commitment to organisation  & essential in achieving an organizational objective. This is true regardless of the type of organisation, Government, education, health, recreation or social action. H.R.M is planning, organizing, Directing, Controlling, development, compensation, integration, maintenance  & separation of HR to the end that individual & organisation & social objectives are accomplished. Thus H.R.M refers to a set program, function & activities designed & carried out in order to maximize both employees as well as organizational effectiveness


Human resource management is a management function that helps the manager to recruit select, train, develop members of organisation , Because human force acts as a heart of organisation without human organization cannot achieve its predetermined goals. In fact, H.R.M is a management function concerned with hiring and motivating & maintaining people in organisation.


“H.R.M is a series of integrated decisions that form of employment relation the quality contribute to the organisation while employees to achieve their objectives.”

  • Significance Of H.R.M     

H.R.M plays a crucial role in employee satisfaction, improving performance and productivity. This helps in organization’s competitive advantage, and it contributes to the organization’s success. Every organization starts with a  vision that their business, the first priority is to hire a competent workforce means the right person in the right place and the right time.


1. Human resource in nations well being

Lack of human efficient and adequate human resource is largely responsible for the backwardness of the country. Countries are underdeveloped because their the peoples are uneducatedly resulting in underdevelopment of nation. Hence the quality of people is a reason for economy development

2. Man v/s Machine

Most of the problems in organisation are human rather than physical or technical.No industry can be rendered efficiently so long without human being because all the machines with the latest technology are created by human minds only.

3. H .R Management & General Management

 Management is the process of getting things done through people. Among all four being’ i.e Man, Machine, Material,& Money the management of man is not only fundamental but also dynamic and challenging.

4. Human Resource System is a central subsystem

H.R operates & control all the subsystem in organisation overall organisation performance may be viewed by individual performance .so it is viewed that the development of an organisation is not only solely but heavily depends on the quality workforce.

5. Human Resource Accounting

It is accounting for people in organisation resource. It is the measurement of the cost         &  value of people required for organisation.

6. Human Resource & market economy.

Knowledge plays a most vital role in the modern economy as stated earlier there are three important areas of human resource I,e skill, ability,& knowledge  according to P.F Drucker knowledge is the only meaningful resource today if the employees of an organisation are knowledgeable about the current market which helpful for organisation development

7.Knowledge & Competitive advantage.

Modern business is been undergoing changes at a faster rate due to changes in technology, liberalization etc. Knowledge is a significant aspect of the business. the business should have knowledgeable employees to have a competitive advantage and to be successful in a competitive environment.

8. Product & Human Resource.

Many companies are based on the strength of their products. These companies have to use people as a source for winning in the competitive era. Creative and innovative products can be developed by human effort. A successful product is developed by using knowledge as a core competency of the company.

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