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Entrepreneurship Development

ED is that aspect which helps to find and show a path for potential entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur Development Programme

Entrepreneur Development Programme

Entrepreneur Development Programme is a systematic activity which identifies, trains, motivates & develop the skillful entrepreneurs. Entrepreneur Development Programmes is the best tool to develop potential entrepreneurs &...

Functions of Women Entrepreneur in Entrepreneurship Development

Concept Women Entrepreneur is not different from the concept of Entrepreneur, all the concept characteristics  & functions are applicable to Women Entrepreneur. Role of women...
Entrepreneur Traits

Entrepreneur Traits An Success Key for Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneur Traits An Success Key A true entrepreneur other than functional qualities must also possess broad personality which helps in developing initiative & drive to...
Characteristics Of Entrepreneur

Characteristics Of Entrepreneur an Success Mantra

The success of an Entrepreneur largely depends on its characteristics like his intelligence, imagination, capacity to innovative & ability to turn them into realities.Following are the essential...
Development Of Entrepreneurship

Introduction & Development Of Entrepreneurship

An entrepreneur is an important input of economic level He acts as a change agent & has a significant role in the development of...


Different types of Retail Outlets in Concept of Retailing

 Retail Outlets  As the customer is a core part of retailing to satisfy his needs various combination & permutation are used to make him a...

Nature Of Planning