Problems in Growth of Women Entrepreneurship

In India, There are a number of problems regarding the growth of women entrepreneurship  which are given below

1.The absence of Definite Agenda of Life

Educated women do not like the limitation of their life within the narrow boundary of the house. They want equal opportunity and respect from their partners as well as from society. However, in India, some women have reached good positions in the business world. Yet, most of the women are either illiterate or semi-literate in rural India. They haven’t got a proper idea of self-esteem and self-respect. The question that arises immediately is how they can attain self-respect and have a definite agenda to reach a good position in society.

2An absence of Balance between Family and Career Obligations

 Women, in general, are concerned about family duties. They show no equal concern for the duties in a career. Women in India dedicate many of their lives to the welfare and care of their family members. But they fail to use their talent to create an extra income source for their families. It will also make them self-reliant. Some women have no least idea of self-reliance and can never think of it. But women need the support of the family members to succeed in business and extend their business and management.

3Poor Degree of Financial Freedom

There is very poor financial freedom for women in Indian families, especially in uneducated and rural families. Women in these families can’t take any decision on their own to take up entrepreneurship without the family members’ consideration. They have to consider also social ethics and traditions for women. A woman can’t commence any business or any economic activity to become independent even if she is financially dependent. Thus the dependency has become a vicious one for women in India.

4.No Direct Ownership of the Property

There is no doubt that the right of property is given as a legal provision in India. But the right to property for women is still a question mark. Very few women have on paper the right of property, but they are actually not aware of this right. They become aware of it when there are problems in the family due to family disputes. Most of the women do not enjoy their right to property and they have been treated just as more relatives to the family. It is a cause which keeps them in a ‘pervasive cycle of poverty’.

5.The paradox of Entrepreneurial Skill and Finance

Women from both the economically poor and rich families suffer from the paradox of “have and have no skills of entrepreneurship. Women from economically rich families have the capital to invest, but they may lack good entrepreneurial skills. On the other side, women from an economically poor family have good entrepreneurial skills but they haven’t got any financial support from their family member or relatives. Thus the problems of women entrepreneurship are in a state of paradox.

6.No Awareness about Capacities of individuals

capacity should be created by increasing the level of education. It is very unfortunate that the educational system in India is facing a failure in creating awareness of ability and capacity of women and their hidden talent and power for handling economic activities. There is an increase in the level of education for women and social awareness to the role that women play in society, but it applies only to women in urban India and not in rural India. The environment in the urban area is favorable for identifying and creating awareness about women capacity and capability for doing many things. On the contrary, the atmospheres in the rural areas are unfavorable for identifying and developing the capacity and ability of women.

7.Low Ability to Bear Risk.

The women in India are taught naturally by several things to depend on the male members of her family from their girlhood period. They are prevented from taking any risk even if they are ready to take any risk and have the ability to bear it. But despite the restriction put on women, some women have proved that they have the capacity to face and bear risks in entrepreneurial activities. They have identified their rights, capacities potentials, as well as they, become aware of the potential situations. As a result, they have entered various business and professions.  Therefore, the government should try through conducting many awareness programs for women to make them identify and develop their risk-bearing capacities.

8.Problems of Work with Male Workers

It is true that many women have skills for doing business, but they hesitate to work with male workers and sometimes male workers are not ready to work with women entrepreneurs. Most of the women entrepreneurs are of the opinion that semi-educated or uneducated class of workers cannot visualize and accept a “female boss” in their work field.

9. Negligence by Financial Institutions

Banks and financial institutions play an important role of financiers to entrepreneurs in the developing countries for small and medium-size firm operators do not borrow from the capital market. But, these banks and financial institutions underestimate the women entrepreneurs, are reluctant to provide credit to them because of their traditional mindset about women.

10. Lack of Self-confidence

Women have a strong mental outlook and an optimistic attitude which create fear in them of committing mistakes while working. Women’s potential for entrepreneurial development cannot be accepted by the family members and the society, which always look down them. Women must face boldly such situation and develop their 68 self-confidence to break such barriers, but women in India feel that they need a well-secured life for developing their self-confidence. Thus they are not both mentally and economically self-reliant.

11.Lack of Professional Education

The main causes of the low rate of women entrepreneurship in our country are poverty and illiteracy. Parents are unwilling to send their daughters to study professional education. Sometimes, many women lack their entrepreneurial bent of mind even though they take training through attending the entrepreneurial development program.

12.Mobility Constraints 

They never like to leave their place for business activities and prefer to stay and do business in their residential areas. Mobility is an important quality for an entrepreneur. As women entrepreneurs tend to do business in their local area of living and are seen disproportionately in their areas of birth or living.

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