Interview etiquette is a very crucial aspect of the job. When we talk about the interview it is face to face conversation between the interviewer and interviewee. Etiquette means manners which the interviewee has to follow because it is truly said: “The First impression is the Last Impression”. If one follows the etiquette properly there are more chances for selection in the job interview.

 Few etiquettes are listed below

1.Reach the location before time

Job Interview Etiquette

This is the for most important etiquette reaching before time is advisable to avoid last moment rush prior one day of the interview try to find out the exact location, distance to travel to the interview location. Reaching earlier will make you relax so that you can focus on the interview calmly.

2. File up necessary documents

File up documents

Documents file has to be carried along with you for the interview .Documents give  authentication to what you speak during the interview . 2-3 copies of resume has to be  included in that file all the documents has to be kept in chronology & handy so that you can easily represent it to an interviewer when demanded

3. Greet the Interviewer

Job Interview Etiquette

 As soon as you enter in the interview hall greet the interviewer .Give a handshake only if an interview initiates first by himself the handshake must be firm, not sturdy.

4.Dress appropriately

Job Interview Etiquette

Looks are very important when you go for an interview .Wear such an attire in which you are comfortable. The dressing should be very simple not were too dark clothes.

The dressing should be as follows

Female candidate

  • Simple saree, Chudidar, Trouser & shirt.
  • Were simple jewelry.
  • Hairs must be properly pin-up.
  • Makeup should be very light.

Male candidates

  • Properly pressedTouser & shirt in a light color tie is preferred
  • No excess finger rings, chains, bracelet etc
  • Hairs properly chopped & gealed.
  • Proper shaving no shabby look.

5.Focus on body language

Body language means the way you walk, occupy the seat etc. Candidates personality is been identified because of their body language. While giving answers to the interviewer maintain a firm eye contact because it resembles your self-confidence

6. Listen to the questions properly

Listening Questions Carefully

This is very important to remove all your mind blocks and listen to the interviewer’s question and answer them in a proper way .if you are busy in your own thoughts you cannot focus on the interview which creates a negative impression in front of an interviewer.


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