Production System

The production system is not a simple process. It involves many elements in it as follows



It includes various aspects of Men Machines Information & capital. These act as a basic ingredient or raw materials for the production process without which the production process is next to impossible to complete

2.Transformation process

Once all the necessary inputs are been received the next process begins with the transformation of all those inputs to the finished products for that the basic requirement is product designing where the structure of the product is been decided. Then you need to do a proper planning of the process of production.

Only design and process is not enough but a production control is very important which tries to find the difference between the actual production and planned production.


This is the final step where the final products or services are been obtained

In spite of these above three major steps the manufacturer has to keep a continuous check on whether continuous inventory is been supplied, The focus on the quality aspect cost factor also has to be given top priority. In accordance with the environment and continuous feedback

            Features of the Production system.

  1. Production is an organized activity so every production system has an objective.

2. The system transforms various inputs to useful output

3. It does not operate in isolated from the other organizational system.

4. There exists a feedback about the activities which is essential to control & improve the system performance.



















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