Hotel Industries a Fast growing Sector Today.

Hotel Industries a Fast growing Sector Today. “Hotel is Home Away From Home” where all the facilities are available on payment basis. A  hotel is a public place where all kind of services is provided to the customer. The food part is not only important in hotels but various allied services are equally important to make customers happy. Because of the increase in tourism, travel activities whole hospitality industry is growing worldwide.

Hotel Services a Fast growing sector Today

In the hospitality industry, the hotel plays a crucial role by offering accommodation, food etc In recent years hotels are even more used for business activities like meetings, conferences, seminars, various events etc.

Depending upon various services provides hotel are categories provided hotels are rated 1*,2*,3*,4*,5*,7*. Due to increased competition hotels are trying to brand themselves on various aspect like location, layout& other services. To name few hotels in India Taj-Mahal Palace, Oberoi, Hotel by ITC, Ashoka. Nowadays hotel is operating in a concept of chain

Different Type Of Hotel

Different type of hotel

1. Motels

This is a very old concept emerged. These motels are specifically located on highways there offer parking garage facility, accommodation etc.

2 Residential Hotel

These are like hotels. They change rent on monthly, quarterly, yearly bases these are generally located in big cities, corporates use such hotels are for business purposes.

3. Commercial Hotel

These hotels are meant for people who visit the place for a business purpose generally located in commercial or industry center

4. Resort Hotels

The basic object of a resort hotel is relaxation recreation for holiday. Resort more focus on good atmosphere to be maintained inside. These are generally located near sea, mountain, hilly areas.

5. International hotels

These are luxurious hotels & classified on basis of international guidelines they are star rate 5* 7* 11*. International hotel target tourist and business class.

6. Floatals 

Floating hotels are created on water surface this water may be in sea, river, lake etc




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