Role of Plant Maintenance in production Management.

Plant maintenance is defined as a set of activities which are necessary to keep machinery, parts & types of equipment in good operating conditions.

Objectives of maintenance management.

  1. Minimizing the loss of production time  due to equipment failure
  2. To reduce loss due to production stoppage.
  3. To keep all productive assets in good working conditions
  4. Improve the quality of the product and to improve productivity
  5. Helps to reduce the total maintenance cost of repair, preventive maintenance & inventory carrying a cost due to a spare part inventory.

Following are different types of maintenance.


1.Breakdown Maintenance

This is also called as corrective maintenance it occurs when work gets stopped because of a machine breakdown. In this sense, maintenance becomes repair work. Repairs are made after the equipment is out of order for

eg- A electric motor will not start if the conveyor belt is ripped or shaft has broken. In this case, the maintenance department checks into difficulty and makes the necessary repairs

2.Preventive Maintenance

In contrast to corrective maintenance, the preventive maintenance is undertaken before the need arises and aims to minimize the possibility of un-anticipated production interruptions or major breakdown, preventive maintenance consists of

a) Proper design and installation of equipment

b) periodic inspection of plant & equipment

c) Repetitive servicing of types of machinery

d)Adequate lubrication, cleaning, and painting of the building

3. Predictive Maintenance

One of the newer type of maintenance that may be anticipated to gain increasing attention. In this sensitive instrument are used to predicting trouble conditions can be measured on a continuous basis and this enables the maintenance people to plan for an overhaul.

4. Routine Maintenance 

This includes activities such as periodic inspection cleaning, lubrication& repair of production equipment. This can be classified into two types

i) Running maintenance

In this, the maintenance work is carried out while the equipment is in the operating conditions.

ii) Shutdown maintenance

Here the maintenance work is carried out when the machine or equipment is out of service.

5.Planned Maintenace

breakdown of a machine does not occur in a planned manner but maintenance work can be planned well in advance. Planned maintenance is also known as scheduled maintenance it involves inspection of all plants & equipment, machinery, building according to a predetermined schedule.

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