Characteristics Of Entrepreneur a Success Mantra

The success of an Entrepreneur largely depends on its characteristics like his intelligence, imagination, capacity to an innovative & ability to turn them into realities. Following are the essential  characteristics of a successful entrepreneur

1 ) Hard Worker

A successful entrepreneur is one who is willing to work hard from the beginning of his Expertise. An entrepreneur with his hard work can retain the business for a longer duration. He is having the capacity to bring the business from the edge of collapse

2) Sincerity

The success of an entrepreneur totally depends on the sincerity of an entrepreneur. If a person is sincere about his business he will move heaven to earth to make it successful

3) Self Reliance

A successful entrepreneur wants to follow his own routine, policies & procedure.He does like to be guided by others. He is acting as his own master & making his responsibility for all his decision. He does not like to work for others or under the supervision of any other person

4 ) Highly Optimistic

A successful entrepreneur is always optimistic about his future & he is never disturbed by the present problem. He always expects a favorable situation for his business in the future He is able to run his business in the future even if there are a number of difficulties.

5) Planning & Organising Ability

A successful entrepreneur is much more depends upon good planning & systematic work above all he must have the ability to bring all the scattered resources required for production.

6 ) Innovation

The entrepreneur should be always innovative to satisfy various demands of the customers for this purpose an entrepreneur should start or undertake the risk & try to innovate goods & services. Innovation is a never-ending program

7) Risk Taking Ability

An entree should have the ability to risk-taking. The risk which is taken should not be too high but reasonable chances of winning should be their moderate & risk which can be easily absorbed by a business can be allowed to take

8) Maintaining Public relation

This has a vital role to play in the success or failure of an entrepreneur. A successful entrepreneur might have good relationships with the customer to gain  their continued support good relation

9) Communication Skill

Communication skill the secret of a successful entrepreneur. Good Communication skill enables to put their points effectively with clarity.

10) Secrecy Maintenance

 A successful entrepreneur must be capable of maintaining & safeguarding all his business secrets. Leakage of business secrets to others is giving an open platform to the competitors to downfall your business. Hence entrepreneur should be careful while selecting employees even.

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