Entrepreneur Traits An Success Key for Entrepreneurship

A true entrepreneur other than functional qualities must also possess broad personality which helps in developing initiative & drive to accomplish the greater task to face the challenges. Following are a few entrepreneur traits.

1) Vision

The entrepreneur must have a clear vision of his own. he must possess the quality of visualizing the future. If an entrepreneur cannot predict the future it is impossible to carry out business or the decision-making process. The challenges which are introducing into the market should be visualized & according to those challenges he should adjust the business.

2) Innovation

Actually, the entrepreneur is a person who innovates something new. Hence innovation is the basic quality that each & every entrepreneur should have Entrepreneur must be enthusiastic to introduce new things into the market. According to the demand & need of human being, the entrepreneur must introduce new products.

3) Organizing

The entrepreneur must have organizing ability. He has to organize various factors of production like men, money, machines, material & methods. The proper utilization of all these factors of production will increase the profit. But if any factors of production remain the unutilized ideal cost of production increases & profit margin will be reduced. If an entrepreneur had a good organizing ability then he can get maximum production by utilizing all factors of production in a proper way.

4) High need for achievement

An entrepreneur must have a strong desire to do something different and new each time.

5) Creativity

An entrepreneur should have creative thinking & he should engage & analyze part of each & every activity & the problematic situation. He must have creativity skill in introducing a new product, new marketing skill, a new style of production etc.

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