Entrepreneur Development Programme

Entrepreneur Development Programme is a systematic activity which identifies, trains, motivates & develop the skillful entrepreneurs. Entrepreneur Development Programmes is the best tool to develop potential entrepreneurs & which guides various aspects of technical, financial, marketing, managerial skill, certification of modernization of plant. Entrepreneur plays a vital role in the development of the economy. Entrepreneur performs various function right from concept utilization of idea to selling the final product. Throughout this process, he requires continuous guidance regarding various aspect of the business to guide & assist the potential or specifically new generation entrepreneur Entrepreneur Development Programmes are conducted

Entrepreneur Development Programme

                                           Objectives of EDP

The objectives of EDP can be broadly divided into micro & macro parts

Macro objectives

i)To promote the development of small & medium entrepreneur that would encourage self-employment among the potential entrepreneurs.

ii) To develop entrepreneur culture in the nonconventional group for eg- Women, lower group people, backward classes.

iii)To accelerate the process of industrial & economic development by increasing the number of the entrepreneur to employment by assisting.

iv)To generate employment by assisting small-scale industry, micro, medium industries.

v)To utilize untapped, or local available productive resources like availability of raw material, labor, infrastructure.

vi)To decentralize the economic power i.e to maintain stability by developing people from the low-income group.

vii)To increase national income to build a force of well-trained &  skillful entrepreneurs

vii) To generate huge employment by assisting labor intensive small-scale unit.

ix) At last to transfer Indian economy to industrial economy

Micro objectives of EDP

i) To maintain the participant to choose entrepreneur carrier

ii) To guide them to scan business opportunities & select the product.

iii) To inform them about government Schemes, incentives, various facilities & make awake about various institution supporting the entrepreneur.

iv)To guide them for a basic managerial skill like planning, organizing,       recruiting, record-keeping etc

v)To educate them regarding advantages & disadvantage of been entrepreneur

vi)To help them in launching the enterprise.

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