“Career it is a sequence of separate but related work activities that provide continuity, order& meaning to personal life”.people make the career out of their particular, experiences, socially constrained the opportunity provided in society also influence and make their own field.

Career Stage Model


In this stage, the initial job choices are made and sampled in the discussion which is related to various courses, part-time work etc the realities of abilities & motivation are tested in this stage.

2. Establishment

The person finds an appropriate field of work and he is trying to take the place in that field the change before finalizing a suitable field.


In this stage, the person works hard to develop a safe place in the chosen field of work there are some major shifts in organizations at this stage

4. Maturity

 It is time to hold a strong place in the chosen field of work. It can be a time of little change or continuation of the already established direction


At this stage, ability begins to decline and people reach retirement age people may shift for a part-time job as now they will play less active roles in the organization

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