In the modern days, Product Packaging has become an important part of the product management. With increasing, competition corporates are thinking of innovative packaging. Different products like food, cosmetics, toiletries, personal care are coming with more innovative packaging. Because packaging become one of the effective marketing tools to sell the product

Nowadays packaging is acting as a value addition to product & greater benefit to customers through packaging. Following are the main decision in packaging

Product Packaging

1. Packaging Material

A marketer can change product packaging material  for eg Over a period of plastic bags are replaced by paper bags, the Metal container is also one which is used for processed fruit juice, vegetable oil even for paint

For an eg tin of coco-cola, Pepsi metal packaging is costly than other material so in recent year aluminum base packaging has become popular

For eg Tea, coffee, spices have adopted aluminum foil packagingMore innovative packaging has given birth to various material like its size, shape convenience cost reduction

For eg Tetra pack here layer of polythene and paper foil is used

2. Packaging Aesthetics

Packaging is used to increase the appearance of the product which stimulates buyer to bu the product. Aesthetics includes packaging design, material, size, and shape. Package aesthetics is also useful in brand identification for eg bottles of shampoo, different types of biscuits and chocolates for kids

Products of different brands are identified because of its unique packaging. Every company use the different color, designs to give a distinguishing look to the product

3. Product Packaging size and Convenience

Packaging size plays the very important role not only in usage but also to stimulate a  sale Now a das all FMCG are either in sachets or refill pack, Package size plays the following role

i) Stimulate a buyer who does not have purchasing ability

ii) Buer can purchase variety in the same category.

iii) It helps in maintaining factory freshness of the product.


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