Introduction To Human Skill

It refers to the ability of a human to judge & work with understanding & motivate others which mean the person should be competent to handle interpersonal relation both to the individual as well as group level. The human skill applied by effective managers can be broadly categorized as

a) Understanding behavior both at individual & group level

b) Ability to predict behavior directing, motivating, changing& controlling behavior



“The ability to use once knowledge effectively & readily in the execution of performance”

Human skill

“Human skill is the sum total of talent, knowledge, ability attitude of the individual or the total work in an organization put to productive use”



I. Reading Skill

“People who read the people who lead” because the act of reading is essentially a process of thinking. The question is not can you read rather it is, Can you read well. It is necessary to read at least half an hour a day.

Mind training for better reading


One must ask a question not only before reading but also while reading. Do I agree with what proof? What follow these types of question should be asked, Time spend on the question should be 10% of the total time

b. Read

For effective reading, it is necessary to choose a place where there is no disturbance. Active involvement should be there in reading after every hour it is necessary to take a break. Time spent on reading should be 15% of the total time

c. Restate

It means to put down the book at regular intervals and tell what you read. A good reader does it. After a certain interval close the book & tell your sub main point & important details. The reader who restates remembers three times more who does not restate. Time spend shall be 20% of the total time.

d. Review

It is simply repeating the first three steps i. e question, read & restate. Time spent should be 10% of the total time

2. Writing Skill.

A good writer is a sculpture he uses fewer words & expresses more. He cuts useless word and makes every word means.

Essentials of good writing skill

  1. Concentrate on paragraph develop one paragraph one idea.
  2. Clear writing comes from clear thinking.
  3. Always try to write to express not to impress.
  4. Be a reader oriented.


Essential for writing a business letter

For writing a business letter it is necessary to stay in the simplest way possible the basic element of the message. The proper order of the ideas need to be maintained

Letter of yes

(Promotion, admission, permission, award etc)

For such type of letter, it is necessary to put the main idea first following with details & end on pleasant

Letter of No

( Request, Refuse, Regret)

In such type of letter put the natural idea first then the reason, then bad news in tactful term & end with a pleasant note

3.Listening skill

The manager spends 45% of their time listening. The better person listens the better the relationship will be maintained. The most common benefit of better listening is an appreciation increase in moral & avoiding of conflict

Listening indicates

  1.  A person is important
  2. The person is worth of time & attention person is interesting
  3.  That person is interesting.

Essential for Being Good Listener

  1. Give full attention to the person who is speaking.
  2. Don’t look out the window or what else is going on.
  3. Make sure your mind is focused.
  4. If you feel that your mind is wondering to change the position of your body & try to focus on spoken words.
  5. Start speaking after the speaker finishes his talk.
  6. You can’t really listen if you are busy thinking about what you want to say next.
  7. Listen to make the important points the speaker wants to access.

At the end of giving feedback is important.

You can learn more about basic human abilities here.

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