Basic Abilities for performance on Job

Abilities refer to individual capabilities to perform various tasks in a job, If an employee doesn’t have   desired abilities his performance on the job will be poor irrespective of his commitment & enthusiasm

For E.g If a commerce graduate is not having good numerical ability than irrespective of his commitment & enthusiasm his performance will be poor are five basic.

The organization needs to study the ability of employees & job requirement. There are five basic abilities


1.Muscular Ability

It refers to those abilities which are necessary to perform manual task & semi-skilled job. Some of the basic physical abilities are

  1. Static Strength:- It is used to move a thing  from one place to another
  2. Dynamic Strenght: Repeatedly applying force for a longer period
  3. Dynamic Flexibility: Muscular Actions
  4. Body Coordination: Control on his own action
  5. Stamina: The organization check the physical abilities required for a specific job & then select the employees this will result in increased productivity & effectiveness

2. Mental Ability

It refers to those abilities which one required to perform mental activities there are 7 dimensions of mental ability

i)Number Aptitude- C.A

ii) Verbal Comprehension –CEO

iii)Perceptual Skill- CID, Crime branch officer,(who process analyze interpret information)

iv)Inductive Reasoning- economist( who arrive at conclusions based on observation)

v)Deductive Reasoning- Material Manager

vi)Spatial visualization- Architect

vii)Memory- Training Manager

3.Conceptual Ability

It refers to the mental ability & attitude of a manager to analyze & handle the complex situation for solving complex problems. The manager will require to take & make decision keeping in mind the organization own goals & objections.

For Eg CEO follows companies corporate policy, it needs a high level of conceptual ability as they can expose to various situation.

4.Social Ability

Expressing views, opinions, judgment to others is a tendency of a human being. The social ability of man will balance between personal & professional life. As the absence of social ability may result in stress, loneliness, health problem etc. The social group consists of friends, relatives, subordinates etc.

5.Sensory Ability

There is five sense of the human being eyes-to see, ears to hear/listen, tongue- to taste/speak, skin –to feel, nose –to smell.

In order to have a balance between job requirement & abilities sensory abilities are very important.

For eg, A pilot requires special visualization ability.


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