Johari window is developed by Joseph Luff & Harry Ingham. This model is highly useful in analyzing interpersonal conflict & communication. The four quadrants represent the four distinct aspects of personality.

Johari window is a communication model that can be used to improve the understanding between the individuals, teams, group. It is based on self-disclosure & feedback. The Johari window can are be used to improve group relationship with others. There are two key ideas behind this

a) Individuals can build trust among themselves by disclosing information about themselves

b) With help of feedback, they can learn about themselves

There are few aspects of us which are known to us while few aspects which we are unknown likewise their are some aspects & characteristics of us that other know and few things which are unknown to others also which are as follows.



1.Open Self

It is called as public area this self-represent ideal situation where the person knows about himself & about others. Here openness and compatibility are a high  Mutual understanding between people is high. Here there is little or no scope for conflict. Open self-includes the information such as occupation, physical appearance, personal information etc.

2. Hidden Self

It is also called as a private or secret area the person knows about himself but does not know about others. The person remains hidden from others due to fear that how other might react the person keeps true feelings and attitude secret and will not open to others there is potential for interpersonal conflict. Hidden self-contains information which one wishes to keep private such as dreams or ambition

3. Blind self

Here one might think that this poor leadership but other think that he has strong leadership skill. The feelings of incompatibility which is difficult for the individual to face directly but can be seen by others.

It is necessary to reduce the size of blind self by providing increased honest feedback from others about the person in this situation there is potential for interpersonal conflict.

4. Undiscovered Self

It is the explosive situation.the misunderstanding may lead to interpersonal conflict

Size of open self can be expanded vertically into blind self by actively listening to the feedback from the group member. The size of open self can be expanded horizontally into hidden self by self-disclosure of information to the group.

The larger the open self the more rewarding effective relationship. Open self can be considered as a place where good communication happens. Established team members have large open area than new team members. New team members start with the smaller open area because of little knowledge about each other.


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