Features of Principles of Management.

Features Of Principles Of Management are been divided into different parameters which make the work smooth. Different departments are created thus by management organization have to control random activities in an organization.


1) Organizational activities

Management is a process of organizing activities means proper division, allocation of resources, the proper allocation between them is maintained  Organisation is divided into hierarchy i.e. top level, middle level, lower level to achieve the organizational objectives. To make the work smooth in organization different departments are created. Thus by management organization have to control random activities.

2) Existence Of Objectives

An objective should exist towards which all organized activities are directed. Without objectives, it becomes very difficult to decide the direction & lead the organization. As the organization sets objectives which are helpful in deciding the path of an organization. Thus without objectives management cannot exist.

3) Relationship among resource

Organizational resources include money, machines, material & people These resources are organized to achieve organizational objectives among these available resources should be divided among the organization so as to get the desired result

4) Working with & through people.

Management involves working with people & getting organizational objectives to achieve through them working together by assigning different activities to the subordinates. Thus one has to utilize all the employees in the organization efficiently.

5) Decision Making.

Management process involves decision making at various levels for achieving the objectives. Decision making besides the future of organization because the right decision at right time is very important to the success of an organization


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