Importance Of Planning

Planning plays a very crucial role in all other functions. Because planning acts as a foundation for the management function. following are the importance of planning

importance of planning

1.Primacy of planning

Planning exit in all the managerial function while performing any function like organizing, directing, staffing, motivating, controlling one has to plan first.

2. To offset uncertainty & change

As there is continuously change in environment organization has to work in changing atmosphere this changes can cope up with planning for eg more focus is there on manufacturing eco-friendly products to avoid environmental pollution & safeguarding the environment

For eg Reliance is introducing new plans and product to sustain in the competition.

3. Focus on the objectives

Because of the planning process, all the resources are utilized for the achievement of objectives. Planning helps in setting the objectives & these objectives as a direction to the business.

For eg – In planning we set, growth objectives like sales growth of 10% for the year 2017-18  for this objective of the organization should be a quality improvement.

4. To help in coordination

 It is been rightly said if you want to coordinate all the department planning should be very accurate. With the help of planning harmony can be achieved in the organization.

5. To help in controlling

As in planning objectives are set clearly if any deviation occurs from standard it is very easy to control the deviation

For eg: – In planning one has set the objective of growth of sales in one year but if it is not achieved it is very easy to make control of the deviation.

6. To increase organization effectiveness

Planning overall increases the effectiveness of the organization. Because of planning all the resources are utilized in the best way it also ensures the control & coordination in the organization & overall efficiency.

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