Scope of Production Management.

Production Management is a vast concept it involves a huge chain. Production starts with input and end with output i.e finished product. Following are the scope of production management

1. Location of Facilities

The selection of location is a key decision as  large investment is made in building, land, and machinery.

2.Plant Layout & material handling

Plant layout refers to the physical arrangement of facilities. Material handling refers to the moving of material from the storeroom to the machine & from machine to the next during process of manufacturing.

3.Product Design

Product design deals with the conversion of the ideas about the product into the reality

4.Process Design

It is the decision making on overall process route for converting the raw material into the finished goods

5.Production Planning & Controlling ( P.P.C)

P.P .C can be defined as the process of planning the production in advance, setting the exact route of each item, fixing the starting & finishing dates for each item to give production order to shops & to follow up the progress of products according to the orders.

6.Quality Control

Quality control may be defined as a system that is used to maintain a desired level of quality in a product & service.

7.Material Handling

Material management is that aspect of management function which is primarily concern with the acquisition control & use of the needed material.

8.Maintenance Management

Maintenance deal with taking care of factory layout, types of machinery. This is essential for equipment & machinery which are a very important part of the total production process.

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