Production Planning and Control (P.P.C)

It involves the organization of the total manufacturing system to produce a product. The objective of production planning is to provide a physical system together with a set of operating guideline for efficient conversion of raw material, human skill & other inputs into finished products.

Factors determining Production Planning & Control

Factors Determining Production Planning and Control

1) Volume of production

The amount of production planning is determined by the volume of operation & nature of manufacturing process It helps to reduce manufacturing cost.

2) Nature of production Process

In the job shop production system production planning may be informal & the development of work methods is left to individual workmen who are highly skilled, In high volume production many production designers, engineers & methods are involved.

3) Nature of Operation

Details production planning is required for repetitive operation for eg In case of a single standardized product the variants in the manufacturing approach are.

i) Manufacturing through order

ii) Manufacturing for stocks & Sale

4) Magnitude of operations

The size of operations& distance traveled by the parts from operation to operation is important in establishing proper PPC.

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