Ladder to Success Employee Empowerment

Motivation is the real need for an organizational environment in co-relation with this employee empowerment is also very important. By empowerment, you give your employees an assurance that they have a necessary power and their decision are welcomed this increases the feeling of belonging and they start their maximum contribution towards work.

It is a tool which gives a reward kind of feeling to the employees through which their involvement will be increased in taking accurate decisions or to take corrective steps wherever necessary. This is some exceptional case works more effectively than monitory rewards or word of appreciation.

Definition of Empowerment

According to Newstrom and Davis, “Empowerment is any process that provides greater autonomy through the sharing of relevant information and provision of control over factors affecting job performance”

Essentials for empowerment


Participation is an important element of empowerment .employees should be encouraged more to be participating in sharing an opinion with the important decision of the organization


 It encourages employees to do the things in different and creative way Therefore the management should encourage employees to try new ideas and process in making decisions.


Information is a major ingredient for good decision making so employees must be provided the information readily.

4. Accountability

Along with powers given to employees they must be even accountable for their results this help to give recognition the employees for their best efforts.

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