Explain Concept of Value & its Importance

We always hear the term as “value” but here it’s not any financial term but this is related to good conduct and right kind of behavior. Beginning from school age we have come across this term value it means right behavior, Ethical business, Good Manners.

 Concept of value & importa


“A value may be defined as a thing which is good. Value is a process of socialization of an individual”.

Importance of value

a) Valuation & Evaluation is a continuous life process

b) Values and attitude play an important role in organizational behavior

c) These are essential key understandings an individual behavior.

d) It is, therefore necessary to understand individual behavior.

e) There are several factors influencing individual personality & values are an important influencer in determining a particular type of behavior.

f) The conduct of people attitude towards the object, ideas & person depends upon the value.

Elements of value

 The members of simple society generally agree to a single set of value while complex society develops conflict in a system. These are based on 3 elements

  1. It is one of the important or primary tasks of education
  2. Social changes depend upon the value.
  3. This molds the personality of the individual.

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