Business Ethics & its Route way towards Social Responsibility.

Social responsibility is that aspect where the companies are bound to provide a fair business to the customers. A businessman should not always focus on his profit and loss but apart from this, he has to work for the welfare of society.

“Social Responsibilities refer to the business man’s decision & actions taken for reasons at least partially beyond the firms direct economic or technical interest” -Definition by Keith Davis

Major Social Responsibilities

Major Social Responsibilities


1) Optimum Utilization of Scare National Resources

Businesses have the moral obligation to utilize the scare national resources in a proper way without wasting, causing damage or cause to deteriorate the resources at its disposal because natural resources are very scared and should be used carefully.

2) Avoid making losses of society assets.

As a socially responsible organization, one should not make any kind of losses which lumber on society. Organizations should take responsibilities of society to enrich their life’s.

3) Employment and Income

Every business should take responsibilities to provide fair wages, satisfactory working conditions, employment as per qualification secure job. Businesses must provide a fair opportunity to all workers for their progress.

4) Environment Protection

Business organization has the social responsibility of taking serious steps to protect the environment from all kinds of industrial pollutions. Companies should take care not to dispose of their waste in water or residential areas which pollute the environment and may lead to chronic health hazards to citizens

5) Offering Quality Products at a fair price

Customer satisfaction is a basic aim of all business activities. Offering poor quality products, lack of proper attention to customers, false and misleading advertisement are examples of violations of business. However, the price of the product should also be fair with quality products

6) Fair Trade Practices

Fair Trade Practices consist of

  1. Avoidance of monopolistic and restrictive trade practices
  2. Charging fair and reasonable price from customers
  3. Offering products & services of quality
  4. Not making false, misleading claims in its advertisement
  5. Making prompt repayments

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