Application of Artificial Intelligence in H.R.M

If we look back in the history of every organizational activity were managed and controlled by an employer or manager means it was under complete control of human being. But as a boon and emerge of Information Technology today Artificial Intelligence is spreading its wings worldwide. In very simple language A.I means replacing human work with computer or robot

When we talk about Artificial Intelligence all the activities are been done within a fraction of second. The main reason behind this is very less chance of errors or ignorance which is a major threat of the human involvement.No workplace can be run without human resource so Artificial Intelligence helps a lot to manage the tasks and complete it in an estimated time span.

Definition of Artificial Intelligence

“The science of making machines do things that would require intelligence if done by men”

 -by  Marvin  Minsky

Today environment is changing very rapidly so as to sustain in this cut-throat competition one has to take help of a computer because we have to accept that we human beings have certain limitation irrespective of our I.Q levels.

Following are the importance of Artificial Intelligence in H.R.M



This is done manually by the collection of applications scrutinizing those than selecting few candidates as per requirements of an organization but now it with help of A.I can be done by eliminating long process and with less error and in lesser time.

2. Problem Solving

Problem solving

Every organization faces a different kind of problems. Some of them require a fast solution so now it can be categorized in general or special category by and solved quickly with a fair outcome.

3. Performance Evaluation

Performance Evaluation

Performance Evaluation is done with help of software or such a database which automatically filter those employees who are not efficient in a workplace because an appraisal is a very essential aspect of giving promotion, demotions or transfer decision.

4. Training & Development

Training and Development

Today this is done majorly with help of e-learning this saves time, cost, and effort of a human being because training is not completed until an employee thoroughly understands work and every time, specialist cant is appointed for retraining.

5.Career Planning 

Career Planning 

Employee Career planning has become a need for an organization to retain loyal employees so artificial intelligence helps to guide and select a proper career path as per each employee efficiency.



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