An exam is that part, which is very important in shaping the student’s career.So instead of getting nervous or stressed here are few tips which will surely help you to clear the exam with good ranks.

Tips For Exam Preparation


1.Start studying early.

Give yourself more than enough time to review the material that was covered in class.  For instance, if you have to review material for an entire semester, you might want to start studying a few weeks prior

2.Read through the entire of your notes.

It will refresh your memory of the material and help you remember what you learned. It will also help to make you aware of all the information in your notes. Decide if you think your notes are sufficient enough to study from.

3.Get some good notes.

If you’re not a good note taker, then ask a friend if you can copy his or her notes. Good notes can make all the difference when you’re studying. They can explain content that the book doesn’t explain well or highlight information and make it easier to understand and remember

4.Take notes while you study.

Yes, take even more notes. You can highlight and underline the information as well, but writing the information down really helps you retain it better. Make sure to write down concepts that you are struggling with or are having a hard time remembering

5.Make flashcards.

After you have taken notes from studying all of your materials including the book and your notes, use that information to make flashcards.

6.Do practice questions.

This is especially helpful for subjects such as math’s, accountancy. Practice doing the questions in the book that you were assigned for homework. Do extra questions in the back of the book. Do practice questions until you feel more comfortable with the subject matter.

7.Review past tests.

If you have a friend who has taken the test the year or semester before, ask your friend if you can see his or her test. Take note of the questions that were answered and the answers that were marked correct and incorrect. If you are in college, some universities they keep past exams question papers file contact your professor about reviewing them.

8.Study with a friend.

Get together with a friend or group of people from your class and study together. It doesn’t have to be a formal study group. You can simply review each other’s notes to see what you may have missed, and discuss concepts you think will be covered on the test.

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