Motivation in Human Resource Management

Motivation is one of the important factor affecting human behavior & performance in the organization. It is one of the essential function of manager at a workplace. Here, a manager needs to understand the requirement for employees so as to motivate them properly. The concept of involves needs, wants, demand wishes etc of employees.



Definition of Motive

“A motive is an inner state that energizes, activates & that directs the behavior towards goals”.

“The motive is a restlessness a lack, a force which determines one’s behavior”.

Definition of Motivating

motivating is a term which involves understanding the motive of the one person & satisfying these motives. In an organization, a manager is a person whose crucial task is to motivate the employees by channelizing their motives.

For eg. Work appreciation, promotion, an increment in salary involvement in decision two-way communication etc.

It is an important task where a manager tries to find the needs of employees and provide proper resources so as to get the desired output.

Definition of Motivation

Motivation is nothing but work itself. A motive is energizer of action .motivating is the channelization i.e recognization & activation of motives. These two governs the behavior of an individual.

As Motivation involves motive, motivating & the behavior. It is the complex process of starting & keeping a person at work in an organization. Motivation is something that moves the person into action &  continues him in course of action.

According to Mac Farland

“Motivation refers to the way in which urge, drives, desires aspiration, or needs that direct or control or explain the behavior of human beings.

The relationship between 



A need for individual eg money, power, social acceptance, promotion.


Activation of need & providing satisfactory environment For E.g giving a resource to the employees to perform their duties, appreciation of employees


Engagement in work behavior For E.g Involvement in the job, punctuality in the job



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