The concept of Multinational Corporation

The concept of the multinational corporation has served various dimensions. Multinational companies are those which control production facilities in more than one country such facilities having been acquired through the process of the foreign direct investments.

Multi National Corporation


An enterprise operating in several countries but managed from one (home) country. Generally, any company or group that derives a quarter of its revenue from operations outside of its home country is considered a multinational corporation.

Merits of MNCs

Merits of MNCs1.More Investors

Due to globalization, Multinationals corporations started to invest more & more capital in the Indian economy and industries.MNCs help to increase the investment level and thereby the income and employment in a host country.

2) Technological Development

MNCS has become a vehicle for transfer technology especially to the developing country

3) Export-Import

This enables the host countries to increase their exports and decrease their import requirement.

4) More spending on Research & Development (R&D)

 The enormous resources of the multinational enterprises enable them to have a very efficient research and development system thus they make a  common contribution to innovation.

5) Competition

Multinational Corporation helps increase competition and break domestic monopolies.

Demerits of MNCs

1)The MNCs technology is designed for worldwide profit maximization but the development needs of poor countries in particular employment need & relative factors scarcities in these countries.

2) It records the growth of employment in the home country.

3) MNCs may destroy competition & acquire monopoly power.

4) The transfer of pricing enable MNCs to avoid tax by manipulating prices on an intracompany transaction

5) Through their power& flexibility, MNCs can evolve or undermine try national economic autonomy & control their activities may be inimical to the national interest of the particular country.

6) The tremendous power of the global corporations possesses the risk that they may threaten the sovereignty of the nation in which they do business.


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