SWOT Analysis an Arch for Success.

 It is truly said that SWOT Analysis is an Arch for Success. To become successful in personal as well as professional life the person should have basic abilities & skills. These aspects are different in every person so it must be analyzed for the required field to achieve a good position in that as a career.


SWOT Analysis  stands for


W– Weakness


T– Threat


This is a kind of positive aspects. Every person should be aware of & understand their strength that he/she possesses related to a chosen field

eg-An accountant should have the good numerical ability. The person should focus on enhancing the various elements of strength he/she possess.

 2. Weakness

It is difficult to find a person without weaknesses. The person should list down it week elements &should focus his activities on overcoming weaknesses & convert it into strength

eg- A student possessing poor vocabulary in English.


It is related to the scope of activities that the person can enter related to the specific field. These opportunities will help him to carry out the various tasks easily.

eg- Apart from academic development the student can explore himself in co-curriculum activities.


These are the factors which are not in a control of a person. The person should be aware of the threats related to his or her field so that they can manage his future by considering the factors under threat criteria.

eg-Sudden slow down in the economy may affect employment or job position.

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