Scope of  Human Resource Management.

The scope of Human Resource Management is extremely wide, However, for the sake of convenience and developing an understanding of the subject, it is elaborated as follows.

Scope Of HRM

 1Human resources planning

 Human Resource Planning refers to a process by which the company to try to find the number of jobs vacancy in which particular department The number of staff required with the necessary qualification and experience.

2. Job analysis design

Another important area of Human Resource Management is job analysis. Job analysis gives detailed information about the job description and employee specification in the company.

3  Recruitment and selection

 Based on information collected from job analysis the company prepares advertisements and publishes them in the newspapers, Employment sites etc. This is recruitment. A number of applications are gathered after the advertisement is published, interviews are conducted and the right employee is selected for the right post and right time thus recruitment and selection are yet another important area of Human Resource Management.

4. Orientation and induction 

 Once the employees have been selected an induction or orientation program is conducted. The employees are informed about companies background, products, different subsidiaries organizational culture and values and work ethics and introduce to the new employee to other employees.

5.  Training and development

Every employee goes into a training program which helps him to put up a better performance on the job. The training program is also conducted for existing staff that have a lot of experience. This is called refresher training. Training and development is one area where the company spends a huge amount.

6.Performance appraisal

 Once the employee has put on the job performance appraisal is conducted that is the Human Resource department checks the performance of the employee. Which helps appraisal future promotions, incentives, increments in salary etc

7.Compensation planning and remuneration

There are various rules regarding compensation and other benefits. It is the job of the Human Resource department to look into remuneration and compensation planning.

8. Motivation, welfare, health, and safety

  Motivation becomes important to sustain the number of employees in the company. It is the job of the Human Resource department to look into the different methods of motivating & encourage the employee. Apart from this certain health and safety regulations have to be followed for the benefits of the employees.

9.Industrial relations

Another important area of Human Resource Management is maintaining co-ordinal relations with the union members.with employer-employee, employee- employee  This will help the organization to coordinate with one another for smooth working.

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