Principles Of Communication.

The basic motive of communication is to send the message to the recipient. But only sending and receiving the messages is not enough it has to be understood easily by the receiver. Principles of communication tell us how we can send the messages in short sweet and in an understandable language

1) Clarity of thoughts
Communication starts with the generation of thoughts and ideas in the mind of the sender so great clarity is needed. If the sender is confused the entire cycle of communication will be spoiled
There are three important aspects of clarity
1)  The objective of communication?
2) what is to be communicated?
3) which medium will prove most suitable for communication

• For eg –To prohibit smoking in rail compartment the NO Smoking board is been displayed at the entrance of each compartment this is to give a warning to smokers.

2 ) Conciseness
For any business, time is very valuable so one should never write too lengthy letters because the reader would feel that he is wasting his valuable time. Whenever business letters are written it should be brief mentioning only the important information so that it should not affect appropriate clarity & completeness of the data
• Should always include relevant information
• Avoid repetition
• Organizing the message well
3) Concreteness
Concreteness means the message should be specific, definite it should not be vague and general. As vague message will confuse the receiver and the communication process will not be completed. Concrete communication needs specific facts and figures.
4) Correctness
Correctness plays a crucial role in written communication which is offered for decision making and acts as a legal document. So one should always give correct information, facts.  Always take care that the data which is to be transferred should be correct unless & until you are not sure about the particulars the information should not be forwarded.
• Send your Message at the correct time
• Send in correct style
• Use simple language
5. Courtesy
In business writing, we must create friendliness for whom we writing for
Eg- Bankers, creditors, Customers, Dealers etc
Following principle should be considered

a. Answer the letter promptly
Generally, the business letter is answered on the day of reception of letter it should be promptly forwarded to the concerned person

For eg. Even if the letter is received by the clerk it should be forwarded to the department in charge to take further action

b. Avoid irritating expression
Some words express negativity in meaning which irritates the reader.

For eg Expression like “ You failed”, “You incorrect”, you are irresponsible such an expression hurt the reader so omit such words while writing

c. .Apologize Sincerely
If you have failed to provide required information or you are answering a letter late offer an apology so that the reader attitude will become positive towards you.

For eg, We are very sorry as there was a delay in the delivery of goods.

6) Consideration
Letters have to be considered from the reader’s point of view. Every human being is interested in him & then the third party so always write a letter from a reader point of view to make it more effective.

For Eg  We Attitude You Attitude

I am happy to invite to my college You are invited to the ceremony of the college

Emphasis always on a positive point in the context even you have to say sorry. Refuse in straightforward style i.e going to build the reader. In business letters, even negative points can be written in a positive or pleasant way

7) Completeness

In business completeness of facts is very important incomplete communication may irritate or confuse the reader
For eg:

  • When placing an order, one must emphasize product size. product code, mode of delivery, mode of payment & other term & condition etc.

• While answering the letter make sure that answered all the questions
Eg For answering customer query answer all the queries asked by a customer.

• When writing check 5 w questions like who, where, when, what, who so to make the message more clear.

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