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Human Resource Management

HRM is an essential aspect in every organisation because human is just like heart of organisation and managing them is real challenge for every organisation.

Performance Management

Performance Management & its Process

Performance Management & Its Process Performance management ensures that your employees not only fulfill their responsibilities but also do the best of their abilities and...
Artificial Intelligence

Application of Artificial Intelligence in H.R.M

Application of Artificial Intelligence in H.R.M If we look back in the history of every organizational activity were managed and controlled by an employer or manager means...
Ladder to Success Employee empowerment

Ladder to Success Employee Empowerment

Ladder to Success Employee Empowerment Motivation is the real need for an organizational environment in co-relation with this employee empowerment is also very important. By empowerment, you...
Recruitment and its sources

Recruitment sources a Crucial Element

Recruitment sources a Crucial Element. Recruitment starts when the organization does proper human resource planning. In recruitment, an organization focus on appointing an efficient employee...


Production System

Production System The production system is not a simple process. It involves many elements in it as follows   1.Inputs It includes various aspects of Men Machines Information...